Clean Your Beds Up!

We are a dirty lot.

Seriously, we are.

Research suggests that a third of us Brits haven’t replaced the bedding in a decade, and a quarter of us have NEVER washed the duvet.

Makes your skin crawl doesn’t it?

Duvets need washing at least twice a year. This helps to keep dust mites away and gives relief to anyone who suffers from respiratory problems like asthma.

So aim to wash your duvets and pillows every two to three months.

BUT…make sure you check the label before you shove it in the washer – some fillings are dry clean only!

Treat any stains before you wash and shake feathers and the filling away from the area before you treat with a stain remover.

Make sure you have enough room in your washing machine beforehand. As long as it can move freely around the drum you should be ok.

Fold the duvet in half before you put it in – this helps to spread the weight of the duvet out and prevent too much noise.

Spin as usual and if you can air dry the duvet once it is washed – ideally dry it in the sunlight as this will help to kill off any of those nasty micro organisms that lurk in there!

If you are struggling to get warm or conversely get too hot, then you probably need to invest in different duvets with different tog ratings.

In theory, now the clocks have gone forward the weather should be getting warmer.

Keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast, but it could soon be the time to get your thicker winter duvet thoroughly cleaned and stashed away, and bring out the lighter summer one.

Tog ratings go from 2.5 in summer right up to 15 for the “nesh nellies” amongst you in winter.

The warmth of a duvet can often be the source of trouble between couples – particularly when the ladies tend to have cold feet that they take great delight in warming on their poor unsuspecting partners. Brrr!

If you are getting in a tizzy over tog ratings and can’t agree, do not sink into duvet despair – get yourselves a split-tog rating. With different amounts of filling on each side you can both get a decent night’s sleep.

Just like your mattress and pillows, duvets do need replacing. The filling will get less springy and therefore not be able to trap warm air and keep you nice and toasty.

The Sleep Council recommends changing duvets after five years.

At Sleeptight Beds we never compromise on sleep and neither should you. So, to provide only the best for our customers we work with and stock some of the finest mattress and bed manufacturers in the country.

Come and see us in store, speak to us and let us find the perfect duvet, bed, or mattress for you, so we can all dream the same dream of a perfect night’s sleep every night.

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