A Long Time Asleep

IF you reach the grand old (or not so old nowadays) age of 75 guess how many days you will have spent asleep?

Assuming you manage to get a decent eight hours kip a night – that’s one third of our day – that works out at 9,125 days or a staggering 25 years asleep!

Now, that’s what you call a lie-in!

Getting a decent night’s sleep improves our wellbeing, boosts our mental health, benefits our immune systems and fertility.

No wonder we all love a good kip!

It goes without saying that it makes no sense at all to compromise on our rest.

You wouldn’t wear a pair of glasses you couldn’t see out of, or a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, so why put up with an uncomfortable bed, bumpy mattress, flat pillows or a duvet that has seen better days?

The one thing we can be thankful about when the clocks go back at the end of this month is that we get an extra hour in bed. Let’s make it an hour to cherish.

At Sleeptight Beds we have loads of great deals this autumn designed to help you and your family get the right number of zzzzs.

Everything from a single large drawer divan set with a free headboard for £199.99 to a double 1000 pocket double divan set complete with two free drawers and a headboard for just £399.99.

Come in and see us and start to look forward to ‘hibernation’ time!

It’s time to bag yourself a great deal at Sleeptight.

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