Are you a Nesh Nellie or a Toasty Tony?

IT’S one of life’s great mysteries. Up there with where does the universe end? And why is Dad’s Army still on TV?

Are you Nesh or Toasty? Many people fit neatly into one camp or another, it’s a bit like the marmite test – you either are Nesh or Toasty.

It’s a question that has been vexing man since time began.

Why are women’s feet so cold? – And why do they insist on warming them on their toasty, unsuspecting partner in bed?

And why are some people warm and toasty from head to foot all of the time?

Here at Sleeptight Beds we like to help. So we got on that there t’internet and had a gander.

There is, it seems some science behind this mystery that has been causing ructions between couples since the year dot. Two of the major reasons are:


To be specific in this instance, oestrogen.

It plays its part in this conundrum because it slightly thickens the blood, reducing the flow to the capillaries that supply the body’s extremities – in other words the hands and feet. So, the blood flow in women’s fingertips and toes shuts off more readily when it is cold.


Our metabolism regulates how quickly heat energy is produced. Women, on average, have a lower metabolic rate than men. Whereas men’s bodies tend to have a higher muscle mass. This translates into a higher resting metabolism, which is linked to burning more calories and a higher blood flow, both of which help keep the extremities warm.

In an effort to spread peace, love and marital harmony here at Sleeptight Beds we stock many different kinds of mattresses to suit the “nesh Nellies” and the “toasty Tonys”.

Come in and chat to us about the different options and the different used in duvets and the different mattresses that are available to suit all temperatures and tastes.

Even the covers can make a difference. Cotton being a natural fabric breathes easily and can help to cope with changing temperatures.

We can also guide you on down filled duvets and the hypoallergenic products and the mattresses to help anyone who needs some extra care to get a great night’s sleep.

Our mission is simple: to provide every single customer with the highest customer service.

We’re the bed experts. We never compromise on sleep and neither should you.

Sleeptight Beds. We Dream The Same Dream.

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