Furniture from Sleeptight beds

From complete room sets to that single, perfect bedside table, we have everything you need to furnish your bedroom at Sleeptight Beds. Plus we have a wide range of comfortable and stylish bed settees to choose from.

Eight tips to the best night’s sleep

  1.  Cut out caffeine late in the day
  2. Sleep and wake at consistent times
  3. Avoid alcohol before bed
  4. Make your bedroom a pleasant and calming environment
  5. Don’t eat too late in the evening
  6. Relax and clear your mind before bed so try not to go on electronic devices too late
  7. Take a bath before going to bed
  8. Make sure you have a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow

Our Sleeptight experts can help with  that last point – come and visit the store and talk to us today!

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Bedroom Furniture

From classic dark wood to the lightest white and gold, you will find the bedroom of your dreams at Sleeptight Beds

Sofa beds

The perfect solution for overnight guests, our comfy sofa beds look good as both a sofa and a bed