Beds for Children

THINKING about a new bed as a Christmas present for your kids? We have everything from stylish to practical, bunk to cabin and everything in between!

Because we know putting the kids to bed can be challenging to say the least.

Trying to get the little ones off their screens, stopping them from whacking their younger siblings round the mush with a pillow and generally trying to prevent World War 3 breaking out each night takes patience, practice and a glass of wine or two afterwards.

So how about tackling it in another way?

A new bed and a new bedroom look for the kids?

You know how grumpy and fed up you feel if you can’t get a comfortable night’s sleep, so why should it be any different for children?

Making bedtime relaxing for them – and fun, could be the answer to all of you getting the right amount of kip.

Although there is no hard and fast guide on how much sleep a child needs each night, according to the Sleep Council the general rule of thumb is: toddlers need around 12 hours; children aged three to six – 10-12 hours; seven-12 years olds – 10-11 hours; and teenagers – around eight to nine hours.

At Sleeptight we have a great range of children’s beds. Not only do they all look amazing, sleek and super-cool, but they all have hidden extras.

Kids love making dens, so how about Pluto? It is a bed with its very own fun and vibrant play tent attached!

Or the Pavo Bunk set or the Teddy Bear Bed frame bed where, if you wish to make it extra special, you can have your child’s name put on the bed too!

Whereas versatility is the name of the game with our other kids beds too as some feature sturdy in-built steps that can double up as additional storage. You can complete the look by purchasing coordinated cabinets too.

Come in to see us and we can talk you through the range and the best accessories to complete the bedroom makeover that will excite your kids and help you all to get that invaluable rest!

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