Eight ways to ensure a great night’s sleep

HERE at Sleeptight we take sleep – kip, forty winks, call it what you will – very seriously.

We pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect bed for every customer.

As we always say, we never compromise on sleep and neither should you.

However there are some things you can do so we can all dream the same dream of a perfect night’s sleep every night.

Here are our eight ways to ensure a great night’s sleep.

1) Regular exercise: and no, fellas, we don’t mean shuffling up to the bar when it’s your round. Regular exercise is obviously good for you physically but as importantly it is great for you mentally too. It will help to relax you, get those endorphins whizzing around your body and help you to relax naturally and get some zzzz’s.

2) Sorry you late night fridge pickers or kebab lovers, but cut down on eating after 8pm and certainly avoid spicy food. It will keep you awake and you will wake up with a sore head and in no fit state to face the day.

3) Likewise with caffeine. Really it’s best to avoid a cup of Joe, or any drink containing caffeine – including energy and fizzy drinks. Again, the caffeine keeps you awake and will certainly prevent deep sleep.

4) Get yourself into a relaxing regime before bed. Do whatever works for you – that’s the key. If you establish a pattern that helps you to switch off your body will respond and you will drift off with no problem.

5) On a similar theme, ensure your bedroom is a relaxing place. Get rid of the tablet and the iPhone – that blue light will keep you awake. Make sure it is the right temperature, nice and dark and you’ll be nodding off in no time.

6) Do not take you worries to bed with you. Chat through things with your partner or a close friend. Set aside time before bed to write down your ‘to do’ list for the following day. Use that time to plan ahead. Use bedtime to get some sleep.

7) Don’t go to bed too early. If you aren’t sleepy get up. Relax, have a milky drink, a bath, listen to relaxing music or a favourite podcast and get yourself into a nice tired, sleepy frame of mind. And then hit the sack.

8) Of course we have the expertise to help here at Sleeptight. You need a comfy bed, the right mattress for you, proper pillows and a nice clean warm duvet. Compromise on any of these and you will be counting sheep into the thousands before you get any proper shut eye.

We know that everybody is an individual with different needs, health matters and sleep patterns. Come in and talk to our team.

Speak to us and let us find the perfect bed or mattress for you, so we can all dream the same dream of a perfect night’s sleep every night.


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