Electronic Beds

IF you’ve ever had to spend any length of time in hospital, you’ll know what we mean when we talk about electronic beds.

The ones with the keypads that can raise or lower different parts of the bed to make you more comfortable.

But, we bet you didn’t realise that these beds are not only for people with medical conditions to help them get a more restful night’s sleep.

And they look great too – a real stylish addition to your home!

Electronic beds are becoming increasingly popular for people and children who want to adjust their bed so they can watch television or play games whilst relaxing.

These are often known as ‘Lifestyle’ beds – they tend not to offer as many adjustments for height or as many options for sleeping positions – simply because they are designed to make it comfier for you to watch your favourite programme or read before catching up on your kip.

Beds that are more akin to the ones that you find in hospitals are often referred to as ‘Profiling Beds’.

These offer a far bigger range of options when it comes to position and height and can be adjustable in two, three or even four parts depending on your particular needs.

They can also include a range of functions and parts including handrails and drop-down or bed rails, as well as a massage function and drawers for added storage.

Anyone who suffers from problems including back pain, arthritis or has any mobility issues can benefit and be far more comfortable with one of these specialist beds.

They can also help you to retain your independence as they help you get in and out of bed.

At Sleeptight we stock a range of these beds and are more than happy to discuss your requirements and needs with you.

As with any bed we sell, they can be bespoke to your needs and we can help you to choose the right mattress pillows, and duvets you like to go with them.

Don’t worry, they are just as stylish as all our other beds and do not look like something out of your nearest NHS ward!

Our mission is simple: to provide every single customer with the highest customer service.

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