How to Sleep in a Heatwave

You may wish to look away now.

We’re sitting here writing this wearing only flip flops and vest tops.

For those of you who are of a nervous disposition, we fully accept, this may be too much information.

There is very good reason for my lack of attire. This heat!!!

Let’s face it, here in Widnes, we don’t do extreme heat like this. We just don’t.

Just look around. Pasty white legs, flip flops and crop tops. And that’s just us.

It’s bad enough in the daytime. Melting away, but the night times are soo much worse.

At Sleeptight we are all about trying to help you get the very best night’s sleep possible.

That being the case here are our top tips for trying to get some shut-eye when it is sweltering.

1) Ditch the duvet. Go with cotton sheets. That tog rating is meant for wintertime not these nights of no air. Cotton allows you to breathe, and that is such a bonus when it is this warm.

2) For once, forget the exercise – at least in the evening. Not only will you raise your core body temperature, but with all that adrenaline kicking about you may be too energised to drop off.

3) We keep telling you about the importance of a quality mattress. It’s not only for your posture and for those with back problems. Shop around with us to find the good quality mattresses, the ones made of smart fibres. Come and ask us in store because these can help to keep you cool when the nights are hotting up.

4) Drink plenty of water – but not booze. That will dehydrate you, keep you up and down like a yo-yo nipping to spend a penny and will make you feel even more rotten in the morning.

5) Keep the curtains closed during the day in bedrooms that face the sun, keep the room nice and dark and open your windows. Relax, read, and, yes, if it works for you, sit there in your pants. It’s a free country still. Just about.

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