Snooze and You Don’t Lose

THERE’S an old saying; “snooze and you lose”

Well, here at Sleeptight we know that is complete rubbish.

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our mental and physical health.

We are not in the habit of backing losers. In fact, players from some of our most famous sporting teams, including Liverpool FC, Widnes Vikings, Warrington Wolves and St Helens have all been to see us and bought a Sportline Mattress to ensure they get the perfect kip. And all of them have reached their cup finals ……. Coincidence? We think not.

Our Sportline Mattress is a firm favourite with the players, it’s not only the comfiest handmade mattress that you will ever rest your weary head on, this amazing mattress is also backed by science. This very clever Sportline mattress reduces injury recovery time so players can play – rest – recover – repeat week in and week out.

We sell four different variations. Starting with a 1000 pocket count, this gives a soft to medium feel. Then we have a 1500 pocket count which gives a medium to firm feel. Next we have a 2000 pocket count which gives a firm feel. Finally we have the ultimate Healthopaedic mattress – the 4000 pocket sprung pillow topped mattress, which gives optimal firmness for those who prefer a supportive feel.

Here’s the science bit. The pituitary gland in our brains produces a protein called Human Growth Hormone and that plays a very important role in helping the growth and repair of tissue including in our muscles.

HGH is mostly released into our bodies during deep sleep.

So all those muscle knocks and bumps and bruises our top players get during matches are best healed during a good old kip.

But it’s not just them. If you play sport or go for a run, your body needs time to recover too – and getting a good night’s sleep is the perfect way to do just that.

Many top sports teams are so aware of just how vital sleep is to recovery that they’ve installed sleep pods at training grounds.

Sports scientists have described sleep as the most important recovery tool there is.

Come in and talk to us about our Sportline range, and sleep like a champion.

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