Sleep and Mental Health

A lack of sleep seriously affects our physical and mental health.

It increases our stress and anxiety, and scientists believe it also contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

At Sleeptight we know just how important a good night’s sleep is.

We know that there’s more to buying a bed than ‘one-size-fits-all’, everybody is an individual with different needs, health matters and sleep patterns.

This month saw World Mental Health Day. According to the charity Mind, around 1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health problems at some stage in our lives.

Getting proper rest and regular sleep is so important in helping us to recuperate from the stresses of everyday life.

Because this is such an important issue, we wanted to share three top tips from Mind to help you get enough sleep.

1) Routine: Establishing a regular sleep pattern can really help to ensure you get enough sleep each night. Only go to bed when you feel tired and get up at the same time each morning. You may spend less actual time in bed, but you will spend more time asleep.

2) Relax: Whatever helps you to relax before bed – do it. It may be a herbal or milky drink, a hot bath or reading. It is completely up to you. But it will help you to unwind and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

3) Comfort: This is where we come in. Make sure you have a comfortable supportive mattress, the right pillows and duvets. Plus create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom, by making sure the temperature, light levels and noise are just right to help you relax.

Come in and discuss your sleep requirements with us.

To give you added peace of mind we are also a National Bed Federation retail supporter. This gives our customers extra piece of mind and confidence when buying an NBF approved bed as every member manufacturer complies with UK regulations on safety, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.

Let us find the perfect bed or mattress for you, so we can all dream the same dream of a perfect night’s sleep every night

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