Keep warm and weather the storm with help from Sleeptight


With these storms wreaking havoc, it’s time to batten the hatches and hibernate away from the elements, there’s no better excuse to take to your bed, dive under the duvet and wait for the storms to pass.

Hopefully, you will have a nice, warm comfy bed to snuggle into, but at this time of year, many people have sleepless nights as the icy temperatures cause them to wake up shivering.

Keeping warm and toasty will improve the quality of your sleep and prevent Jack Frost from disturbing your slumber.

Engage in some early evening exercise (not too close to bedtime) to get your circulation going and keep you warm. Plus, a hot bath before beddy-bose can help you to become relaxed and sleepy.

Enjoy a hot milky drink and opt for bedclothes in natural fibres such as cotton, wool or silk which will keep you warmer than synthetic materials, coupled with some soft thick bed socks to thaw out those frosty toes.

Keep your boudoir at the right temperature – not too hot or cold – 16-18 degrees Celsius is about right – and make sure there’s no drafts creeping in.

Have a look at your bed itself – is it warm and inviting or does your saggy old mattress leave you cold?

It’s nice to snuggle up to your partner, but if the bed dips in the middle too much, you may end up rolling towards each other for all the wrong reasons and suffering from aches and pains from a lack of support.

If you need a new mattress, opt for one with a thicker side and a soft surface for better insulation.

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for winter as their contouring shape hugs the body and warms you up faster. Synthetic foams make ideal insulators which retain heat rather than diffusing it away from your body.

Consider your bedding – is it doing its job of keeping the chills at bay? Invest in a duvet with a high tog rating. A 13.5 tog is about right for winter use (for adults only) and if you are still cold, add layers of blankets which trap the warm air and can be easily kicked off if you get too hot.

A fleecy blanket underneath your sheet will help to retain the heat, or if you really feel the cold, treat yourself to an electric blanket or a good old fashioned hot water bottle.

If you need some advice, Sleeptight Beds in Widnes invites you to come over to its showroom in Widnes where you’ll always receive a warm welcome.

So, come down to store today meet the team and dream the same dream as us because as well as showing you the latest styles of beds we are also are taking bedroom interiors by storm.

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