Get ahead with a Statement Headboard

Once lonely and overlooked, the humble headboard is finally having its moment.

Historically, headboards were originally designed to protect sleepers from cold in drafty old buildings in the days when ‘cavity wall insulation’ hadn’t even been dreamt of.

They also support your bed and protect your walls against abrasion, as well as preventing you from banging your head against the proverbial brick wall. But as well as just being practical, the headboard has become a real focal point of the bedroom.

Today’s headboards are more eyecatching than ever and make a real style statement. So if your bedroom is lacking the wow factor, consider investing in a new headboard to create a real centrepiece.

Headboards come in a variety of styles to suit your décor. Think about the texture and material – do you want something sleek and stylish or a little more decorative to add interest?

Plush velvet upholstered headboards give your bedroom that elegant, luxurious finishing touch. Or perhaps you’d prefer a minimalist Scandinavian look with pale oak or contemporary chrome?

As for the shape, will you go for classic rectangular, a softer curved edge or something a little more elaborate?

What about colour? Will you go for a bright funky shade or something more subdued and relaxing?

Think about your headboard’s function. Is it mainly for decoration or do you make use of it as a backrest whilst reading, working or watching TV – in that case, you may want an upholstered headboard which is more comfortable to lean against.

Make sure you measure up properly to ensure the headboard will fit your bed properly – opt for one with adjustable leg struts so you can alter the height according to the depth of your mattress and ensure it sits snugly against the wall.

Psychologically, the headboard plays an active role in the bedroom. Feng shui masters believe that the headboard makes you feel safe with “a strong mountain at your back as you sleep.”

And this important item of furniture helps to create an intimate space for people to connect and unwind. Just don’t put it on the same wall as the bedroom door as apparently, this can disrupt the supportiveness of the headboard and cause all manner of argy bargies…

So if you would like to breathe new life into your boudoir, pop down to Sleeptight Beds in Widnes where there’s a fabulous choice of headboards to suit any bedroom for all tastes, budgets and sizes – from single to superking.

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