Are you looking for love? Something that will last you a lifetime (or at least seven years), be with you when you fall asleep at night and when you wake up in the morning, won’t let you down or embarrass you on a date? If the answer is yes then what you are looking for this Valentine’s Day is… a bed!

Who needs the uncertainty of romance? All the effort of having to dress up all the time, making sure that special someone doesn’t see you au naturel in your PJs and fluffy slippers. And then the agonising wait for them to call and the nagging worry of ‘will they like my friends/ parents/ dog/ cat/ ferret?’

Instead of looking for love this Valentine’s Day, let’s make looking for the perfect bed your priority. Plenty of time for all that love malarkey, once you’ve gotten over being smitten with your new bed…

What’s not to love? Imagine yourself falling into the softest, most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in and drifting off into the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had? You can’t beat the feeling of waking up refreshed and raring to go…

According to scientists the benefits of a good night’s sleep can be life-changing – and you can’t put a price on that. Amongst other things sleep can help to boost immunity, strengthen your heart, increase productivity, improve your memory and it just simply puts you in a better mood!

And want to know the best way to a good night’s sleep? A comfortable bed! When it comes to finding the right bed, everyone is different. What is comfortable to one person might not be to someone else. So how can you make sure you’re getting the right bed to suit your needs?

You need to have a think about what you want from a comfortable bed. Do you like a firm mattress with plenty of give or do you like to simply sink into bed? Do you have any physical problems such as a bad back or neck pain? If so then you might need a mattress with some extra support. Do you sleep on your own? If not then make sure you take into account the other person and how much give your mattress needs to… well, give!

Think about what size bed you want – you might want the luxury of a super king-size bed that you can spread out in or you might prefer something more cosy like a double or even a single if it’s just for you and you’re conscious of saving space.

A bed isn’t just a bed anymore! Beds can help solve storage problems with built-in storage solutions so think about a divan bed, an Ottoman or a bed frame with drawers in it. The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t want a bed that can multi-task? All your storage issues dealt with while you’re sleeping…

And finally invest in some luxurious bedding to complete your perfect bed scenario and you’re all set. And want to know the best bit? You’ll still be together next Valentine’s Day… and a good few Valentine’s Days after that!