Buenas noches. Bonne nuit. Gute Nacht. Buona Notte. Or in English – good night! Have you ever thought how people sleep in other countries? Do they sleep longer than we do? Do they go to bed at different times? Do they wake up earlier? What do they sleep on? We are all different but what is the one thing that everyone needs no matter where they are from? Sleep!

Not everyone gets their sleep in one go like we do in the UK. We all know about the infamous ‘siesta’ that’s popular in Italy, Spain, France and other parts of Europe and Latin America when people take a nap in the middle of the day. This is what scientists call ‘polyphasic’ sleep when people have more than one phase of sleep over a 24 hour period generally six hours at night and then a further two hours during the day.

Certain tribes in Africa where time isn’t measured by clocks or watches, sleep is judged by instinct and daylight. People here reportedly go to sleep three hours after sundown and one hour after sunrise. Meanwhile in Botswana, people allegedly have no set sleep times at all and simply drift off to sleep whenever they feel like it.

Whilst it would be difficult to adopt this kind of sleep cycle in the UK, there is certainly something to be said for a different sleep routine if you’re struggling to get to sleep. Getting more in tune with nature when it comes to bedtime and wake up time has been proven to nurture sleep as our bodies adjust to a more natural sleep rhythm.

What do people in other countries sleep on? In Japan it is still common for people to sleep on a traditional ‘tatami’ mat covered with a ‘shikibuton’ (thin cotton mattress. A more recent phenomenon in countries such as Germany, Austria and Scandinavia is for couples to use different duvets. This is proving so popular that Ikea has launched a new product range of individual duvets aimed specifically at couples. Imagine – no more fighting over the bed covers!

Did you know? Some surprising statistics from around the world…

  • 62% of Mexicans pray or mediate before sleep
  • 74% of dog owners in the US say they share their sofa or bed with a pet
  • 23% of Brits claim to sleep naked
  • 12% of Australians get up before 5am
  • 53% of South Africans admit to using medication to help them sleep

Whilst we can’t claim to know everything there is to know about sleep, we at Sleeptight know just about all there is to know about the best bed for you in order to get the best night’s sleep. So why not call into our showroom and talk to one of our sleep experts? We can advise on the best bespoke bedroom package for you – whatever your budget – so what are you waiting for? A world of sleep awaits….