If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, then you need to fall in love this Valentine’s Day!

A recent study looking at 60 adolescents who were in the early stages of a new relationship found that those newly in love reported fewer hours of sleep, but greater quality of sleep and less sleepiness during the day.

And not only does romance affect your sleep, it would also appear that sleep has an impact on relationships. Scientific studies have found that a bad night’s sleep can lead to a greater chance of conflict within a relationship and also, sleeping issues such as snoring can result in increased aggravation and resentment within relationships.

The research found that when participants had a good night’s sleep, they were less likely to argue with their loved ones, so this proves that an increase in sleep encourages stronger and happier relationships in the long run.

So, how to achieve a better night’s sleep? As well as sticking to a nightly routine that encourages your body to wind down and cutting down on caffeine particularly just before bed, you need to make sure your bedroom is a calming sanctuary which promotes good sleep.  

Getting the right mattress is crucial to a successful night’s sleep. The only way to really guarantee you’re investing in the best mattress for you is to try it out! Buying online might seem convenient, but the reality is you need to try before you buy, so visiting a showroom such as Sleeptight is the best way to ensure your new mattress is the right fit.

Factors such as lifestyle, body type, partner and sleeping position, will all have an impact on the type of mattress which suits you, so speak to an expert today and see what works for you.

In a nutshell, the more you sleep, the more you are able to love, and the more you love, the more you sleep. So, let’s make it our mission to get a good night’s sleep this Valentine’s…