The summer might be hit and miss so far with regard to sunshine in the UK, but temperatures have certainly proven to be on the rise during 2023 with June going down as the hottest month on record.

We are all feeling the effects of global warming closer to home with people in the UK reporting that higher temperatures throughout the summer are causing sleepless nights, as we all struggle to adapt to the summer heat.

We at Sleeptight know more than most how important a good night’s sleep is. In fact, we are on a mission to make sure people get better sleep, because we know it is crucial to ensure the repair and rebalance of the body both physically and mentally. But with higher than average overnight temperatures, getting precious sleep is proving harder than you think…

But don’t worry there are a number of things you can do to make bedtime more manageable during those hot and sticky summer months:

  • Put your bedding, your PJs or even just your pillowcase in a bag in the freezer for a short time before bed
  • Fill a spray bottle with chilled water and spray your face, neck and hands before getting into bed. Keep it by the side of the bed to use during the night if you wake up hot and sweaty
  • If you shower before bed keep the water temperature tepid so your body is as cool as possible before getting into bed
  • Exercise in the morning rather than at night so you aren’t already overheated
  • Put a dish full of ice in front of a fan to instantly supercool the air
  • Keep windows closed and curtains shut in your bedroom to maintain a constant, cooler temperature
  • If you wake up hot in the night, then rub your forehead with a menthol stick to help cool you down

It might also be a good time to think about investing in a new bed. Technology is moving on constantly and the latest mattresses on the market can actively help to cool you down and regulate body temperature during the night. Speak to the experts at Sleeptight and we’ll be able to advise on the best product for your needs…

We all deserve a good night’s sleep so don’t let the summer heat get in the way!