Setting the scene for a positive night’s sleep is crucial to promoting rest and relaxation. This is according to The Sleep Foundation, a body which exists to support good sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

According to the organisation, curating a bedroom environment which is conducive to falling asleep – and more importantly, staying asleep! – is a key part of any sleep schedule. And it’s not just for one night; the goal is to achieve quality sleep, night after night.

With this in mind, it is absolutely vital to create the right ambience for sleep which means getting right both the visual aesthetic and the practical layout of the bedroom to maximise both the quantity and the quality of sleep.  

You can bring your own personal style into play, but you need to make sure you stay true to the principle of promoting a feeling of calm and serenity.

Stick to warm and welcoming colours, which invite you into a haven of calm and tranquility. Think a soft, muted colour palette rather than anything too bold and bright which could only serve to stimulate not relax.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the budget, or maybe you live in a rented property, so can’t undertake a wholesale makeover of the bedroom. You can add warm touches to the room by simply putting in a well-placed rug, adding some tasteful wall art or arranging some stylish accessories around the room.

The layout of your bedroom is really important when setting the scene and you need to try and avoid the space feeling cramped at all costs. Your bed is the focal point of the room and so getting the right bed is absolutely crucial to a good night’s sleep.

Any mattress should be solid and comfy, which is obviously completely personal to you! Visiting a bed showroom is far superior to ordering online and it is always worth trying before you buy. It can be quite an investment, but it is so worth it, as the right mattress can help improve sleep and has been shown to directly decrease stress and back pain.

A new bed is a worthwhile long term investment that not only helps to promote warmth and comfort in the bedroom, but which could also help with space-saving. Have a look at a divan bed with pull-out drawers or look at under-bed storage options. Much as we all love a big giant bed, the size of the bedroom largely dictates the size of the bed, so be realistic and if you need to downsize to a queen size bed in order to make the most of the space, then so be it.

Think about your bedroom ‘journey’ and make sure when you plan it, you bear this in mind. Clear away as much clutter as possible. Having a tidy bedroom isn’t just practical, it helps to promote good mental health, too. Seeing mess and clutter when you’re in bed only makes you worry about what you’ve still got to do and doesn’t exactly encourage a relaxing night’s sleep.

Personalise your bedroom with pictures of loved ones and mementos from happy occasions, events and holidays. Looking at them as you are falling asleep will help to foster positive thoughts which all help in the quest for a good night’s sleep.