How do we get better at something? We look to the experts for help. So, if you want to get a better night’s sleep, who should you turn to? The koala bear! That might not be the answer you were expecting but read on to find out how we can learn a lot from our marsupial furry friends…

Koalas hold the official accolade as the sleepiest animals on the planet. They can sleep for as many as 20 hours a day. It is thought their plant-based diet means they have to conserve their energy in order to digest their food. Whilst we don’t need to sleep quite that long, it would be nice to get some insider tips from the experts!

  • Make your bedroom your own. Koalas select just a few ’home trees’ where they feel safe and comfortable, so make sure your bedroom reflects your true personality and is somewhere you can take refuge and relax in. The bed is the most important feature to any bedroom so get this right and you are already on the way to getting a night’s sleep that even a koala would be proud of.
  • Koalas are known for being very particular and discerning about their lifestyles. Despite there being more than 600 types of eucalyptus trees, koalas only eat a few specific types of leaves. If you’ll pardon the pun, take a leaf out of their book, and make sure that when you are selecting your new bed or mattress, you get exactly what you need for your specific lifestyle. Any koala will tell you that one size does not fit all, whether you are choosing a new bed or selecting what leaves to eat!
  • Make time for rest and relaxation. Koalas can sleep for up to 20 hours a day and whilst us humans don’t need quite so much shut-eye, this is still an important reminder of how much better we feel when we’ve had plenty of rest. We can savour and enjoy our waking hours so much more when it comes after a good night’s sleep.
  • Respect your body’s natural rhythms. Koalas are naturally nocturnal, so be more koala and listen to your body and mind’s sleep preferences. Do you like to go to bed early and get up early? Or are you more of a night owl? Like the koala, find your own sleep schedule and stick to it.

Snoozy might not be a koala but he likes his sleep as much as our Aussie fur babies do, so you can be sure that Snoozy and the team at Sleeptight will help you channel your inner koala for the ultimate night’s sleep… call into our showroom and see for yourself.