ROLL UP! ROLL UP! – The “rellies” are coming!

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! – The “rellies” are coming!

You know the feeling. It’s a battle as to who is more stuffed, the turkey, or your house at Christmas with all the uncles, aunts and second cousins crammed in for the big day.

You are going to need your beauty sleep – and so are they after all that food and fizz!

There is a quick, easy and amazingly comfortable way to make sure everyone can get some quality festive shut-eye.

A roll-up mattress.

They come vacuum-packed so you can fit them into the boot of your car with no problem whatsoever.

What’s even better is you can get them upstairs in no time at all, without recreating your own Chuckle Brothers moment (‘To me’, ‘To You’) as you struggle to manoevure a big mattress without wedging it and yourself between the bannisters.

Roll-up mattresses are also a great way of getting that new bed feeling, without having to replace the entire bed.

Once you have unrolled them, most will expand fully within the hour and are ready for use within eight hours.

At Sleeptight we have a fantastic range for you to choose from. I Gel 1000 pocket or 2000 pocket pillow top mattress or 1000 pocket excellence mattress, we even have inexpensive 3ft sleep shaper foam mattress for children!

Comfort, support and a great way to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay.

Plus, roll-up mattresses are eco-friendly, because you can fit them in the boot of your car and we can fit more of them in our vans, cutting down on journey times for deliveries.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas at Sleeptight.

Who knows – they might even lie in….

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