Royal Baby

He’ll be showered with gifts and love – and unlike every other newborn on the planet – will be the target of endless fascination and the telephoto lenses of the world’s media.

The new royal baby will bring lots of joy and of course plenty of sleepless nights to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (that’s Harry and Meghan, to you and me.)

Well, to their staff at any rate.

That got us thinking.

Other than separate bedrooms, earplugs and alcohol – for the parents not the newborn! – what ways are there of trying to help a new arrival to sleep and therefore give the parents a much needed break?

One of the oldest of course is singing.

Which is actually good for adults too (depending on the quality of the voice of course!) because it actually strengthens the muscles in the throat and palate which can help to prevent snoring and the sleep disorder sleep apnea.

Since the year dot we have sung our babies to sleep.

There are some beauties in this book we discovered.

It’s a bit like the Eurovision, or should that be Worldvision, of Lullabies.

Everything from “A-a-a, kotki dwa” (Ah, Ah, Ah, Two Little Kittens) from Poland, to “Bam Pa Bo” (Don’t Cry) from Equatorial Guinea.

It seems parents across the globe struggle with a bit of shut eye when it comes to bringing up a baby.

As you’d expect The Sleep Council has plenty of sound advice for new parents to try and help them get a sound night’s sleep.

The full list is here – including sharing the sleeping duties between you (so no more hiding in the spare room Dads!) and to try and keep the baby alert and active in the daytime and calm things down towards bedtime.

Others apply to all of us.

Ensure the bedroom is a stress-free zone.

So no phones, tablets and limit the TV viewing. Keep the temperature nice and cool and make sure it is dark.

The biggest help to ensure you get some much-needed rest is a comfortable bed, mattress and pillows.

Don’t let those bags under your eyes become suitcases.

Pop in and see us – with the little one, and we can sort out all your bed and bedding requirements to make catching those ‘zzzzs’ a little easier.

If you’ve also got slightly older kids then have a look here at our cracking range of beds for them too – it just might help to keep the little so-and-sos in bed for that extra twenty minutes on a Sunday morning.

Well, we can hope can’t we?

In the meantime, altogether now:

Hush little baby, don’t you cry…”

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