Sleep myths – our six of the best for a great night’s sleep.

You might have seen that study recently which claimed that “myths” about sleep where actually damaging our health and even shortening our lives.

The work was carried out by researchers at New York University who spent hours collating the most common claims about tying to get some zzzzs by searching the internet.

Then they matched them with scientific evidence and published their report in the journal Sleep Health.

In no particular order they looked at:

1) Snoring is always harmless – actually no, not always. It can be harmless, just as it can be massively annoying if your partner does it and keeps you awake!

But it can be a sign of the sleeping disorder, sleep apnoea.

The condition means the walls of the throat relax and narrow during sleep – which can briefly stop people breathing.

Those who suffer from it are more likely to have an irregular heartbeat, have a stroke or heart attack and suffer from high blood pressure.

This causes the walls of the throat to relax and narrow during sleep, and can briefly stop people breathing. People with the condition are more likely to develop high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat and have a heart attack or a stroke.

2) Watching TV in bed will relax you. Nope. It’s that old blue light – the same stuff that keeps you awake if you can’t stop surfing the internet or scrawling down your phone before you kip. It stops the body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Plus if you watch the news nowadays, you are going to go to bed stressed, anxious and unable to sleep.

3) Hitting the snooze button. Don’t do it! The experts said that you should just get up! You might drop off again but the sleep will be low quality making you feel drowsy. Better to get up and attack the day (or the caffeine!)

4) A cheeky drink before bed will help. Sorry, this is a no-no too.

Never mind that nightcap, it won’t help. Yes you might sleep but according to experts the quality of sleep will be affected. Booze disrupts the REM – rapid eye movement – stage of sleep which aids memory and learning.

Plus, let’s be honest you’ll be up and down all night like a yo-yo needing to spend a penny.

5) Angela Merkel and Margaret Thatcher claimed they could get by on less than five hours sleep a night.

Maybe they could – but according to health experts it is definitely not recommended.

Researcher Dr Rebecca Robins said: “We have extensive evidence to show sleeping five hours or less consistently, increases your risk greatly for adverse health consequences.”

Pretty serious consequences too. Including cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks – and shortened life expectancy.

Much better according to Rebecca to aim for a healthy seven to eight hours shut eye.

6) Stay in bed if you can’t get to sleep.

The final myth the report nailed. Actually you are much better to get uop so something mindless and relaxing and try again. Rather than just lie there.

Here at Sleeptight beds we never compromise on sleep and neither should you.

So here are our top six How to Get a Great Night’s Kip recommendations:

1) Get yourself really good quality pillows that work for you and how you sleep. There’s plenty of choice from memory foam to feather filled.

2) If that mattress is bumpy and lumpy and uncomfortable you need to get rid and get a new one. You are damaging your back, your sleep and your overall health.

3) A new bed is an investment. An investment in your well being and health. We spend a third of our lives asleep so you need to ensure that you are getting a great night’s sleep.

4) If the duvet is flat, it is past it. Throw it out and come and choose one that works for you.

5) Make sure the bedroom is a relaxing space. Turn the TV off, put the phone in another room. Make sure the temperature is cool and that it is dark enough to help you relax. Then you will drift off to sleep in no time.

6) We know that there’s more to buying a bed than ‘one-size-fits-all,’ everybody is an individual with different needs, health matters and sleep patterns. Come and see us in store, speak to us and let us find the perfect bed or mattress for you, so we can all dream the same dream of a perfect night’s sleep every night.

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