Things that go Bump in the Night

You lie there rigid with fear.

Your heart is pumping so fast you can hear…. 

It’s pitch black, and there is absolutely something a monster, a ghostie or a long-leggedy thingy right under the bed!

Sound familiar? In Hallow’een week, things that go bump in the night are all the rage.

Putting all the witches and cauldrons and spiders and scary stuff to one side, the psychology of why the monster under the bed, the ghost in the wardrobe, or just a plain terror of the dark makes interesting reading. For one, we humans are diurnal. In plain English, it means we are active during daylight hours. 

When night falls, our senses heighten as does our perception of fear and of being at risk. We can’t see, so We can’t see, so something could be lurking out there. 

Right from our earliest days on this planet when darkness falls we have had the urge to be safely tucked up in shelter surrounded by others who will keep us safe. Then it was probably a cave, for most of us nowadays it tends to be a semi-detached.  By the same token, humans are born with innate fears, e.g. falling from height, loud noises or being chased by a predator. Then it was a sabre-toothed tiger, in 2019 it’s probably the HMRC.

Being alone in the dark is thought to be a fear we learn very early on.  How many of us have had to be comforted as a child because we are scared of being alone in the dark? Some of us still are!

Most parents will have done the “scaring the monsters out of the room” bit. While we are in there with a child they have protection, it is only when they are left alone that they think the monster/bogeyman/scary thing will come out and attack them.

At Sleeptight, we see it as our mission to ensure that you get a great night’s sleep. Whether you leave the light on, and check the wardrobes before you turn in, or not. 

If you are really convinced that something nasty – and we don’t mean your other half’s socks – lurk below the bed, why not check out our range of divans and ottomans. The only thing you’ll find under the bed there is plenty of storage space. 

If your kids need reassurance we have a fantastic range of beds with drawers and definitely no room for monsters! 

No tricks, but plenty of treats. Come in and see us. We’d love to help you.

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