Insomnia has always been a problem in the UK with one in three adults thought to suffer with the condition. But since the pandemic it would appear that we as a nation are in the grips of a sleep crisis. A recent international sleep study of over 22,000 adults in 13 countries has found some startling results.

Over a third of participants reported developing clinical insomnia during the pandemic which is thought to be more than double pre-pandemic levels. These numbers spiked in countries such as Brazil, UK, US, Canada, Poland and Norway. Another study published in the The Lancet found that health care professionals suffered twice the level of sleep disturbance compared to the rest of the population during the pandemic.

And while we try to return to some kind of normality post-Covid, it would appear that getting back to sleep is one of the most difficult things for us to achieve.

We at Sleeptight are dedicated to helping people to get a good night’s sleep. We know how important sleep is for both our mental and physical health so we’ve come up with some top tips on how to achieve that elusive rejuvenating night’s sleep…

  • Get into a routine. Try and go to bed around the same time each night and develop a bedtime routine so your mind and body are prepared for bed
  • Put down your iPad and phones. If you can cut out screen time at least an hour before bed this is thought to greatly increase your chance of a good night’s sleep
  • A relaxing bath before bed is a great way to soak away the day’s stresses and to help wind you down in readiness for sleep
  • No caffeine or alcohol before bedtime. Instead a warm milky drink or herbal tea is thought to be far more beneficial
  • Get into reading. Reading a book before bed helps to distract your mind from the worries of the day and you can really lose yourself in a good story helping to pave the way for a good night’s sleep

Having a comfortable bed is one of the most important factors to promoting rest so make sure your bed isn’t preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. In the words of Goldilocks it needs to be ‘just right’ and there is no one size fits all formula when it comes to beds.

It is always a good idea to get some expert advice and we are on hand in our showroom to talk you through the best options for you. We know what factors you need to take into account when choosing a bed and most importantly, like Goldilocks, you can try out the beds in our showroom for yourself until you find the one that’s ‘just right’ for you!

Let us take you by the hand and lead you to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had… no more sleepless nights.